I am Shajidur Rahman. I am the owner of this website.

Hi, (yes you!) all of my family and my known people like my village’s person, friend’s call me just a single name which is Bappi but I have a big name. my big name is Shajidur Rahman Bappi. I am from Bangladesh and I am very proud of born in this country. I have a father, mother, a younger sister and me.

in generally I am working in the online based work. I work at digital marketing, SEO, blogging, helping people to share my knowledge. from my childhood, I am very interested to learn all about online like how work internet how they made? what is the purposes of the internet for human? how was made the computer?

maybe you know that I also Want to know how to write fast on my important exam? how made a pen? why need time management for daily life as a professional person(you can manage your time by using a diary or a planner) I Try to use a diary to manage my time. you can try this and trust me that this will be very helpful for your life.

so thamk you for reading my about page.