How To Choose A Pen For Exams(Hidden Tips)

How to Choose a Pen for Exams

How to Choose a Pen for Exams.

Many people search in Google/bing How to Choose a Pen for Exams. I think you are one of them. Am I right? Anyway, in this article I will share with you How to Choose a Pen for Exams. So, let’s started this.

When it comes to a written exam, a pen is the most important thing to think about. If you fail to choose the right pen for you, you may end up cutting a sorry figure in the exam.

Keeping the importance of a good pen in mind, this article will help you to know how to choose a pen for exams that will accelerate your success.


Choose the right type of pen

You need to be very wise about choosing the right type of pen for writing in the exams. There are five types of pen available in the market out there. They are rollerball pen, gen ink pen, fountain pens, felt tip pen, and ballpoint pen.

Well, out of these five types of pen, I would recommend you to buy ballpoint pens to write in your exams. Why? Well, let’s compare.

If you really care about how to choose a pen for exams, you should not choose rollerball pen because they can leak easily and your bag or cloth may ruin by the ink flowed from there.

Gel ink pens are more expensive and they dry very slowly which may mess-up your writing with the touch of hands.

Though fountain pens are customizable, they need time to get used to them and they are not perfect for the exam.

Felt tip pens are good for permanent writing on a hard surface. It may make your writing so deep that your writing from one page of paper by seeming visible from the others. That’s why it is not suitable for the exam.

Examining all these types of pen, I always use and suggest you go for ballpoint pens. It comes with a rounded tip which allows you to write smoothly with oil-based ink. Another advantage is, it dries very quickly.

Oh, I have forgotten! This is the least expensive pen out there! So, if you do not know how to choose a pen for exams, you may end up choosing the wrong type of pen. 


Choose the right brand and model

Now, let’s begin the second step of how to choose a pen for exams. After choosing the right type of pen, you should give emphasis on the right brand and model.

Target some popular brands and buy some models of those brands to test how they work for you. Just try to choose one which works smoothly and you can use comfortably.

Go for light pens because pens that are heavy may cause you pain and exhaustion after writing for a few hours. Another important fact is, if your handwriting is very stuffy and small-sized, you should choose that pen that is more fat than usual ones.


Put emphasis on grip and quality of ink

All the pen grips are not the same. Some are slim and some are not. You should go for one which fits best inside your fingers and you do not feel uncomfortable holding the grip.

Some grips come with soft pads or rubber which helps to keep your hand in the grip of the pen and save your fingers from extra pressure. You can choose one from those if your hand sweats after a period of writing.

When you come to think how to choose a pen for exams, quality of ink matters a lot. If you choose a pen which doesn’t ensure lasting and easily readable writing, your teacher may get irritated while viewing your paper.


Try to pick the best pen within your budget

I know that budget is a factor to buy a good pen. But, it is also important that you can write smoothly with the pen that you buy. Never go for a pen which cannot ensure you the quality that you need.

Exams are very important in life. Do not let your low budget pen outputs you a bad exam.  This step is very important in your process of knowing how to choose a pen for exams.


Practice with pens

To know which pen is best for you, there is no alternative to run the testing process. Firstly, you should buy some pen from good brands and then check them thoroughly by writing with them.

While testing, you should notice whether your pen is outputting extra or very less ink than necessary. Because both are negative when it comes to choosing a pen for the exam.

To conclude, I believe that your question of how to choose a pen for exams is answered in this article. You just need to follow the five steps that I have mentioned above. Remember that, choosing the right pen may take you to the pinnacle of success in the written exam.

On the other hand, choosing a wrong pen may frustrate you and bring a bad result which will affect your future negatively.

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