how to increase your writing speed during exams

how to increase your writing speed during exams?

Many students complain that they have good handwriting and they have proper subject knowledge but they fail to finish their exam on time. Does this have something to do with our writing speed and style? I want to say Yes! We have, So what are the ways to increase the handwriting and what should be done to write fast? Before answering these questions, first of all, I want to ask you, do you practice more for your improvement? Remember, practicing is the key strategy to increase or improve the handwriting.

There is a proverb that practice makes a man perfect. ..yes! of course only continuous practice, a man can achieve his target and succeed in his particular field. That’s why whenever you get the time you should practice. Ok, let’s go for our main topic that is how to increase the writing speed in the exam hall.

How to increase or improve the writing speed in the exam hall?
I experienced that the magnification of handwriting is a very important technique to answer the questions during the examination. After good handwriting, most of the students want to improve or increase the speed of handwriting and without it, it is almost impossible to obtain better skill in writing. But it’s true that good handwriting is not an easy process but it is more difficult to maintain the consistent speed of handwriting in the examination.

But I think, there are some common issues facing many of us when it comes to our handwriting, such as legibility, consistency or that we just don’t like the way it looks when we write. For answering all the well- known questions in the exam I suggest some strategical tips or steps which can help you learn how to write faster by hand. let’s discuss the tips in step by step:

#1. Choose an appropriate ball penpoint instead of the gel-based pen:

You should keep in mind that aesthetics is not the key to scoring high mark. Most of the students imagine that they can get a good mark if they can write the questions aesthetically. Under that impression, they write the questions elaborately and attractively in the starting time of the exam. That’s why they fail to answer all the well- known questions in the absolute time. So choose the best ball pen for speedy writing.

#2. Answer easy questions first:

For answering first it is very important to select the question which is easy to answer and where you can feel flexible. But sometimes the students fail to choose which one is the best for them. In the exam, I think the proper selection of question is a part of the strategy to make good and finish the examination within the due time.

#3. Choose the appropriate grip location on your hand:

In the exam, most of the students hold the pen or pencil tightly which create fatigue on their hand and the extra pressure too hard grip create the fingers tire. After writing a period of time they cannot maintain the same speed as they started. For writing continuously without no fatigue and tire you should hold the pen with your thumb and index finger, rest the pen on your middle finger for accuracy.

Therefore as long as possible keep your fingers whichever you feel comfortable while writing. Keep in mind that excessive force never increases the speed of your and writing rather it limits the speed of handwriting hence you should keep your grip with proper alignment and maintain this consistency.

#4. Maintain a good posture:

Whenever you want and you think it will be comfortable for you while writing then you have to maintain a good posture because maintaining good posture is an easy way to improve your writing speed, while also helping you stay healthy and feel more comfortable while you write.

For improving the posture you have to make sure that you should be seated with your feet resting flat on the floor, and with your hips and lower back supported by the chair and your elbow should be slightly fixed with your forearms resetting comfortable with the work surface. whenever you ensure the proper height of chair and desk you maintain good posture and without it, you fail to write properly and it also hinders the speed of your writing.

#5. Avoid unnecessary spacing between the line:

Many of us imagine that spacing and gap between the lines give the content beautiful appearance and under this impression, they spend a few amounts of time here while they writing. As a result, it limits their time to answer the well- known question during exam time hence avoid unnecessary spacing for increasing your writing speed.

#6. Fix your handwriting style and repeat its again and again:

Frequently changeover the style of handwriting limits of your capability to write faster. Therefore you should fasten your hand at a particular place or position and not try to change the technique again and again. When you practice on a particular technique repeatedly it fluence of your writing speed and without it is almost impossible to increase the speed of handwriting. Once you get used to this technique try to implement them as you write on paper, while making sure to keep the technical guidelines in mind, and to check up on your technique from time to time as you write.

#7. Keep watch with you:

Before starting to write an answer in the examination you should have a plan for how you spend on your time for answering the questions. It will be a greater strategy for you when you can divide your time for answering each question. Justifying this you should keep a watch (especially I prefer to you the analog watch which can give you a signal after a period of time as you have defined. If anyone requires larger it a force to increase your handwriting speed to finish the exam in proper time.

#8. Don’t try to write the unsure topic in the last time:

Many of us imagine the more they can write the more they can get the mark. Under this impression, they try to be much faster in answering unsure topics but I say don’t try to write the topics on about which you have no proper idea. Sometimes it makes you looser to answer the well-known topics.

#9. Keep some time last for further reviews or flexibility:

At the beginning of the examination, you should have the intention that you need some time to check or further reviews. This intention force you makes faster in the examination.

Finally, it will be advisable for you to increase your handwriting speed, you can also choose to simplify the way you write the letters, or use a shorthand writing system. The greatest benefits of using such systems come from simplifying frequently used words (such as ‘the’), which saves you a lot of time while requiring relatively little effort.