How To Write Fast (Hidden Tips 2019)

How To Write Fast

Do you know how to write fast? If you don’t know how to write fast then please read the full article about how to write fast hidden tips 2019.

Are you someone who is striving to write fast? Writing fast is very important to keep pace with this fast world. Be it for exam, assignments, writing books or anything else,

fast writing will keep you ahead. In this article, I am going to show you some ways that will help you a lot to write fast. Let’s get started.

Find out you most productive time

The first mystery of fast writing is to find a time when you feel most relaxed and concentrated.

If you are a night owl and feel enthusiasm at midnight, that’s your time. Again, if you are an early bird, morning is the best time for you.

Choosing the right time is the first requirement to be a productive writer.


Before starting writing, there is a grave mistake that many people do. They start writing without any pre-planning and drafting the idea in the brain.

To write something fast and properly, you need to have the thing in your brain first. So, plan about the length, style, and tone of your writing and then start accordingly.

Set your goals and deadlines

Having a goal in every aspect of life is important. It is equally true for writing. You must set a goal about how much you want to write at a certain period of time.

Set a deadline for your work which will push you to concentrate on writing your stuff quick.

Set a timer

Timer is not made only for tracking racing. Timer can be the best thing that you can depend on if you wish to write fast. In this regard, you can download a timer app named Pomodoro which will help with a unique technique called as Pomodoro technique.

In Pomodoro, you can set your time to do writing and take a short break after a certain period of time to get relieved. This works well for me.

Choose the right pen

Everyone has a unique choice. That’s why everyone does not write with the same pen. Before writing, you need to pick a pen which seems to be the most appropriate one for you to write with.

Hold the pen comfortably

Handwriting depends a lot on how you hold your pen. If you hold your pen too tightly, it may make your hand exhausted soon. So, find the best way for you to hold the pen between fingers.

Mend Sitting positing

If you want to write fast, it is important that you have chosen a good sitting position. If your chair or table is too high or low, or you need bending much to write,

you can not write for a long period of time.

Minimize distractions

When I need to write something, I ensure that everything around me is in the proper place. If you sit to write and after sometime find that the water tap is kept open and the sound is disturbing you, that might not be a good thing for your writing, right?

Keep practicing

Last but not the least, Quick writing needs a lot of practice. Without practicing, you can not acquire any long-term success.


To conclude, if you can follow the above-mentioned things properly, I believe that you can write fast. Writing something fast is a good skill for your student life as well as career. It saves you time and effort and you can use the time to do other productive things. In the end, Life is short!

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