How to write in good handwriting with a ball pen?

How to write in good handwriting with a ball pen?

I got so many question and request from my daily visitor that how to write in good handwriting with a ball pen. How I improve my handwriting with ball pen (yes! Especially, ball pen). Yes, maybe you thinking as these are the common question from there? Am I right? But, indeed, good handwriting is not an easy process and if you are in trouble with this type of issue then you have come to the right place.

Nowadays almost all the students want to improve their poor handwriting with ball pen. (Now why ball pen?) Because the ball pen is the best writing friend to every student in there student life. In my all-time student life (now I am a student), I never thought that the best handwriting is possible without a ball pen? Do you agree with me? Besides, you can research that, is a ball pen required to good handwriting?

To research that issue your solution might be your friends. Ask your friend like that (hey man! Do you use a ball pen for your good handwriting or do you use another pen for your daily writing purpose? What one? ) after asking that question I am sure that you will get, ball pen is their best writing pen.

Before starting the blog post about how to write in good handwriting with a ball pen, my question will be waiting from you, do you use a ball pen or other pen to improve your handwriting skills like rollerball pen, fountain pen gel pen, etc? Please tell me your answer by the comment box on this website below.

So let’s get started to our main topic that is how to write in good handwriting with a ball pen?

How to write in good handwriting with a ball pen?

I found some best step to write in good handwriting with a ball pen that I am going to share with you. So let’s go to the first step.

 #1. Choose the best ball pen to write.

Well, when it comes to good handwriting, choosing the best ball pen is the first step and it requires for you. Before publishing this blog post, I wrote a blog post about the best ballpoint pen in the world, basically, it not an only blog post but also it’s a review type blog post that you can read to find the best ball pen in your student life. Anyway, now I am thinking you have a ball pen and you want to know from me what can I do now? So let’s go to the next step!

#2. Choose a Note or Diary to write.

Choose a soft page’s note or diary to write. Until you choosing a soft page’s paper to write, I am sure that you will not be able to write best. Because when you write, then 70% of the issue of better writing depends on your paper and 30% of the issue of better writing depends on your pen.

 #3. Hold the ball pen in a way that will comfortable for you.

I have a best friend in school or college life, why am I discussing his? Because he never holds his ball pen with his hand comfortably that’s why his handwriting not as good as my handwriting. So be careful about holding a ball pen on your hand comfortably.

 #4. Choose a pleasant environment for writing

Before you prepare for writing you must remember a pleasant environment for writing. More strange places certainly won’t be good for you because you are trying hard enough to make your handwriting better. When I practice making my handwriting better, I often like it in the morning or on the very morning. The main reason for this is that in the morning, it gives me plenty of space that also applies to you.

 #5. Sit comfortably on the comfortable chair

If you avoid this one thing, your writing style might change. The main reason for saying this is that if you do not sit in the right place for writing, then you’re writing must be bad. In this case, you can use both the table-chairs in your house and if you do not have a good table-chair in your house then you can buy good table-chairs from the market.

 #6. Continue to practice unlimited

One of my last tips is to practice Unlimited. The practice is the only way you can bring your success into your hands very easily. I think I’ve been able to fine-tune my handwriting through practice, which you can do through hard work and a lot of practice. Here are some tips I can give you when it comes to practice.

1. #It’s best to practice in the morning so you can practice writing it every day in the morning.

2. #The quiet environment can be an ideal place for you to practice, so of course, you need a quiet place to get the desired results.

3. #When you practice writing with a bullpen, focus on writing by removing excess tension from your head, which will increase your interest in writing and increase the beauty of your writing.

4. #When practicing writing, avoid unnecessary things like mobile, television, laptops, and focus on your writing.

5. #Increase your focus on writing and keep writing

These tips are the tips that I gave you. How do you like these tips? Let me know your valuable comments via comment. I look forward to your comment. Also, please let me know through the comments what article you need and what you want to know from me. I will do my best to help you through this website.


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