The Best Infinite Pens!

What's a infinite pen?

Of course, you already know the standard pens. At home you probably have a standard ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and perhaps a fountain pen, but just like other products, pens continue to innovate. Nowadays you also have the infinite pen. An infinite pen is a pen with a metal tip. When the metal tip gets friction with the paper, the metal tip leaves a thin layer of metal on the paper. It is an alternative to the ink refill. You almost never have to replace the metal tip. There are different tips that you can put on the pen to have a different thickness. Pininfarina was the first brand to come up with it and nowadays new brands keep coming up with the same idea, but slightly cheaper. We select the best infinite pens for you, for the best price.

Some information about Pininfarina

Pininfarina is a large company specializing in the design and production of car bodies. The company has designed cars for Ferrari and Maserati and many other major car brands. In 2015, the company was largely taken over by the Indian company Mahindra (large car and motorcycle company). By collaborating with a large stable company, they are less dependent on the automotive industry and in this way a special department has been created for industrial designs. Their first model of the infinite pen cost about $1900. Later they came up with a slightly cheaper model that is also available for people with a normal salary. You can buy it now for $133. Unfortunately, the pen is not for sale everywhere yet, so we will take a look for good alternatives. But first we look at some of the beautiful Pininfarina pens, because with their futuristic design we can certainly call them beautiful.

The Pininfarina Napkin

The Pininfarina Napkin is made of metal with wooden elements. It is handmade in Italy by true professionals. It writes in black, and it writes just like a normal pen and like the pen, you can’t remove the marks. The pen comes with a case, which also works as a pen stand.

The price: $133.13

The Pininfarina Space

The Pininfarina Space has a beautiful model. It is designed for use in space. Ordinary ballpoint pens do not work in space. With its lightweight design and its special way of writing, the pen has been used by astronauts in the ISS (International Space Station). Besides that, the pen looks great, it also comes with a nice pen holder, which makes it look super modern and spacious.

The price: $136.19

The alternatives

As mentioned earlier, the Pininfarina are not available to order at all locations. But of course, you also want to impress your friends with such a beautiful innovative pen. That’s why we introduce you to alternative infinite pens. The advantage of this is also that it differs considerably in terms of prices. So don’t be fooled and read on.

The Outus pen

This is an inexpensive bestseller. The Outus pen writes very smoothly thanks to its Tungsten alloy pen tip. The pen is made of a strong and long-lasting metal and writes just like a pencil. Unlike other infinite pens, you can also erase with the Outus. At the end of the pen, you can remove a cap and an eraser appears. In the future, make your sketches, notes, or homework with the Outus pen and save a lot of money.


The price: $9.99

The Demoyu Modern pen

After a long search we came across this miracle. A beautiful design for less than half the price of the Pininfarina pens but works just the same. You almost never have to replace the tip, but if something happens that you should, you can order it separately. The pen writes smoothly, and the color is just like a pencil. Buy it in one of the five colors it comes in and you’ll never have to buy a pen again, because it’ll last a lifetime and you’ll never have to change the refill or sharpen the nib again.

The price: $55.00

The Windspeed pen

Just like the Outus, this pen is a cheap pen. It’s even cheaper than the Outus. For a reasonable price of $8.29 you get 3 beautiful, smooth writing, metal pens. A Windspeed pen lasts as long as 100 pencils. With the design that is quite similar to the Lamy Original pen, it also has a nice look. With this pen, the tips can be exchanged, and you never need another pen again.

The price: $8.29

The Portable Eternal pen

This is one of our favorites. Everything about this pen is right, from design to operation. The pen contains a nice pen holder, which makes it a nice accessory for your desk. The pen is made of a hard alloy material, which is very environmentally friendly. Like all infinite pens, this one will last a lifetime. Make your life a little easier with this pen and never replace your refill again.

The Price: $36.66


Nowadays there are new innovative pens on the market. These pens are the so-called infinite pens. With these pens you never have to change the refill or sharpen the tip again. Due to the friction between the paper and the pen, the nib leaves a thin layer of metal that remains on the paper. Pininfarina was the first brand to come up with this idea, but these models are still very expensive, so we looked for good alternatives in addition to these pens. This resulted in the following pens.

The Outus pen

The Demoyu Modern pen

The Windspeed pen

The Portable Eternal pen