5 Best Pencils Review in 2020 – Expert Recommendation

I know you get bored to find your answer and that was “What is the best pencil in the world?” Right? hmm!

Recently I published 5-6 reviews about the best pens but there was not enough time on my hand to write a review about thebest pencil in the world. Today I will inform you about some of the best pencils in the world.

Before we start, I would like to show you a shortlist of the 5 best pencils in my opinion.

5 of the best Pencils in the World


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This one is my first pick of choosing the best pencils in the world and it’s one of my favorite pencils! the rOtring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil mainly is a little bit more expensive than other pencils. 

But the brand of this pencil just focuses on their pencil quality that’s why it’s a little bit expensive. So if you’re interested to use a premium quality type of pencil-like this then I will highly recommend you that just try it once and get the tests of the branded pencil!

Technical Details

it works long-lasting and provides smooth writing experiences and the complete metal body has an ideal weight balance and also the unique push mechanism gives you controlled lead transportation.

Made from the Rotring (pen and pencil company) weight around 0.32 ounces which is great! available color is Matte Black and Silver Chrome, completely metal body and the line size is 0.5 mm.



This Mechanical pencil is the best selling range of Mechanical pencils from the Pentel brand! and it all most known by every pencil user.

When you need a special pencil to do any special work like sketching Then you can easily use this pencil,

Because it is so easy to use and anyone can make it one of the most beloved friends in their daily life!

The Pentel P203 Series Mechanical pencil comes with six super Hi-Polymer HB refill Leads and also a replaceable eraser! besides, The barrel has a contoured grip for comfort and non-slip accuracy. 

With this Pentel P200 Series Mechanical Pencil you will be able to create a 0.3mm line size which is very great! and simultaneously you can write with for a long time without any hassle!

Technical Details

Made by Pentel, weigh around 0.32 ounces and the available color is Brown, line size 0.3 millimeters.



It is a pencil that, with its own quality, is rapidly spreading all over the world among all pencil users and has been dominating the pencil market for a long time!

It’s made especially for the professionals but as a beginner user, you can use it by spending just $11. 

Some of the features included are the ergonomic triangular barrel provides extreme comfort to the users and also it has an extra-long twist-out eraser and uses 0.7mm leads!


Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Faber-Castell
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Available Color: Silver
  • Line Size: 0.7 millimeters



Are you thinking of buying a bulk amount of pencils in one box? then put these 12 pencils in your reading table and start writing and drawing or something else!

the main and attractive feature of this pencil is it’s extremely smooth and I will highly recommend using these pencils only for doing drawing related works! because it’s the most favorite pencil for drawing.


Technical Features

Made from the Blackwing, weight is around 4.5 ounces (12 Count) The pencils have their own rubber and the available color is Black.



I think this one is the Heart of all pencil users all over the world! A pencil that is the power of pencil users, the pencil that is the friend of drawing and writing and also an iconic tool meant for a lifetime of use.

So, if you are looking for a smart, modern, and extra quality pencil to use as the all needs then I’m sure that your solution will be the Rotring 1904442 600 Mechanical Pencil!

It’s very easy to use and the pocket clip is removable. The complete metal body offers an ideal weight balance for fatigue-free writing and drawing.

The brass tool allows precision lead advancement. Lead hardness grade indicator for rapid identification when operating.

Hexagonal shape avoids sliding on sketching tables. Design, pattern, and size of the metallic grip zone enable operating for long hours without slipping.

The solid lead guidance sleeve prevents breakage and provides you a clear page view for precise ruler based drawing.

Besides these options, they have limited time warranty about 2 years from the original purchase date against defects in materials or workmanship.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Rotring
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Color: Black Barrel
  • Material Type: Metal
  • Size: 0.7 mm
  • Point Type: .7mm



Final Word

Finding a good quality pen is a simple way! But finding a quality pencil is not like that! So considering you, I have tried to show you 5 best pencils in the world.

So get ready to try one pencil from my list!